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    Proto-Renaissance: History and characteristics


    Proto-Renaissance History and characteristics

    "Proto-Renaissance" also known as the pre-Renaissance period began  (c.1300-1400) in Italy, the activities of advanced painters, for example, Giotto (1267-1337), who spearheaded the new type of metaphorical "realism", which was completely created by artists amid the time of Renaissance art. However, Giotto's crucial art did not, in any case, speak to the European or even the Italian standard. 

    Proto-Renaissance History and characteristics

    Gotten from customs acquired from Christian Byzantine art - which itself affected the wall paintings of Romanesque painting) - the style known as Gothic art, supported in Italy by the city of Siena among others, was as yet the transcendent style of painting and figure. 

    As a matter of fact, the Gothic idiom survived well into the fifteenth century as a style known as International Gothic, which ended up famous in a significant number of the regal courts crosswise over Europe, outstandingly France, Spain, Bohemia, and England. 

    It is assumed that the Renaissance started around 1400 in Florence, however, its goals and techniques did not turn into a prevailing power in European art until the mid-fifteenth century.

    Proto-Renaissance History and characteristics
    Some of the main arts during the Proto-Renaissance time included: tempera painting, book illuminations, relief sculpture, goldsmithing, fresco wall painting, and different types of metalwork. 

    A large portion of the artistic advancements of the trecento Proto-Renaissance period directly affected Early Renaissance painting (c.1400-90) of the quattrocento.


    Pablo Picasso 4. Salvador Dali 5. Frida Kahlo

    Indian Artist

    1.G.R. Santosh  2. Jai Zharotia 3. Ramkinkar Vaij 4. Dhan Raj Bhagat 5. Somnath Hore 6. Raja Ravi Varma 7. Ratnabali Kant 8. Satish Gujral  9. Anjolie Ela Menon 10. Jagdish Swaminathan   11. Bishamber Khanna  12. Shanti Dave  13. Om Prakash  14. A Ramachandran 15. Arpita Singh 16. Gulam Mohammad Sheikh  17. Biren De  18. Manjit Bawa 19. Gogi Saroj Pal  20. Arpana Caur 21. Vivan Sundaram  22.Amar Nath Sehgal 23. Jatin Das  24.Meera Mukherjee 25. P. V. Janakiram 26. Ved Nayar 27. Mrinalini Mukherjee  28. Lydia Mehta 29. Krishna Reddy 30. Surindra Chadha 31. Anupam Sud 32. Sankho Chaudhuri 33. Gaganendranath Tagore 34. Rabindranath Tagore 35. Nandalal Bose  36. Abanindranath Tagore 37. Jamini Roy 38. Amrita Sher-Gil 39. A. R. Chughtai  40. Zainul Abedin 41. George Keyt 42. M.F. Husain 43. Binod Bihari Mukharji 44. K. G. Subramanyan  45. Krishen Khanna  46. Tyeb Mehta  47. Ram Kumar 48. Pran Nath Mago 49. F.N. Souza 50. B.C.Sanyal 51. K.S.Kulkarni 52. HarKrishan Lal 53. Jahangir Sabavala 54. Sailoz Mukherjee 55. N. S. Bendre  56. K.K.Hebbar 57. Bimal Das Gupta  

    Female Artists:

    1.Amrita Sher-Gil  2. Arpana Caur  3. Anupam Sud   4. Lydia Mehta   5. Mrinalini Mukherjee   6. Meera Mukherjee   7. Ratnabali Kant

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