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    What is Painting? Definition |Meaning |History:

    Painting is a way to express thoughts, ideas, feelings, and emotions, with the formation of certain aesthetic characteristics, in a two-dimensional visual vernacular. 

    The components of this language—its shapes, lines, hues, tones, and surfaces—are utilized as a part of different approaches to creating impressions of volume, space, movement, and light on a flat surface. 

    These components are joined into expressive patterns keeping in mind the end goal to speak to genuine or strange wonders, to understand a subject, or to make completely extract visual relationships. 

    An artist's choice to utilize a specific medium, for example, fresco, oil, acrylic, watercolor or other water-based paints, ink, gouache, encaustic, or casein, and in addition the decision of a specific shape, for example, wall painting, easel, board, miniature, or any of an assortment of present-day forms, depends on the intense characteristics and the expressive conceivable outcomes and confinements of those alternatives. 

    The decisions of the medium and the form, and in addition the artist's own strategy, consolidate to understand a one of a kind visual image.


    Painting is one of the earliest known artistic expression that has been found, it has been drilled by people in the world over for centuries. 

    The evidence can be traced back to 60,000 in collapses Arnhem Land, Northern Australia. More well-known are the Grotte Chauvet cave artistic creations in Southern France, which comprise of portrayals of rhinoceroses, lions, bison, and mammoths, and some other animals rendered in dark black and ochre

    But then, notable as these pictures seem to be, it is not entirely assured that they would fit the present criteria of painting.

    Cave Painting of Aurochs, Lascaux, France, prehistoric art
    Cave Painting of Aurochs, Lascaux, France, prehistoric art

    Surely, though in the history of western art, the term painting has alluded solely to oil painting on canvas or wooden sheets, paper or different supports frequently classed as paintings, regardless of the medium utilized. 

    By this definition, ink artworks and watercolors were gathered with drawing, an order is still utilized in some circles today.

    However, conventional Eastern painting is typically rendered on paper or silk, as opposed to canvas

    Among the most continuous conventional artistic expression on the planet, traditional Chinese painting, known as guohua is more equated to the art of calligraphy than to Western painting, artists applying dark or shaded ink to a paper or silk bolster utilizing a brush. 

    But, with such a rich history and custom, to ignore such works from the classification of painting on the premise that they utilize paper or silk would, in a gradually globalized art world, can be seen as an unnecessarily West-driven perspective of the medium.

    Silk painting depicting a man riding a dragon, (5th-3rd century BC)
    Silk painting depicting a man riding a dragon, (5th-3rd century BC)

    Rather than concentrating on the support, others characterize a painting by the medium utilized. 

    For sure, most works of art that are generally classed as painting are made utilizing color suspended in a fluid, regardless of whether it be oil, water, acrylic, or a blend of solvents, as on account of ink.

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