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    World’s ten most expensive paintings

    World’s ten most expensive paintings

    It is hard to put a cost on a work of art; however, art is sold and purchased every day, in many cases bringing hefty prices that most will never have the capacity to manage. Here are some paintings– from Old Masters to contemporary works – which nobody can deny are some of the most costly paintings in the world.

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    Salvator Mundi, by Leonardo da Vinci, $450 million

    The painting Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci has sold for a record-breaking in November 2017, at Christie's auction house in New York. The figure dramatically increases the current record for a work of art sold at sell-off: a $179.4 million offer for a Picasso in 2015. The artwork - a delineation of Jesus called Salvator Mundi - sold for the similarly little entirety of $10,000 12 years prior. A few scholars trusted it had been painted by one of Da Vinci's supporters. There are a few experts who still inquiry the work's origin, however, the larger part of researchers trust it to be authentic.

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    World's ten most expensive paintings/Salvator Mundi, Leonardo da Vinci

    Salvator Mundi,  Leonardo da Vinci

    Interchange by Willem de Kooning, $300 million

    Interchange is an oil-canvas painting by the Dutch-American painter William de Kooning who had a place with the school of conceptual expressionism. The canvas was the first of Kooning's unique scenes that were finished in 1955 and were impacted by Franz Kline's masterful style. Kooning spends the better piece of his profession contemplating and modifying the dynamic female figures. It was just later that he veered off from painting human structures and wandered into recreating conceptual pictures of his surroundings in downtown New York. The exchange was made when both the private circle of artist and the art network everywhere was experiencing a steady yet huge change.

    World's ten most expensive paintings/Interchange by Willem de Kooning

    Interchange by Willem de Kooning

    The Card Players by Paul Cezanne, $250 million

    The Card Players of 1892-93 is one out of five paintings from a series delivered by the Paul Cezanne. The larger part of these artistic creations are housed in widely acclaimed exhibition hall accumulations, for example, the Musée d'Orsay in Paris and the Courtauld Institute of Art in London. Art lovers around the globe learned in 2012 that this specific adaptation was secretly sold the earlier year, in 2011, at an amazing cost of over $250 million USD –it was the most costly painting at any point sold.

    World's ten most expensive paintings/The Card Players, Paul Cézanne

         The Card Players, Paul Cézanne

    Nafea Fan Ipoipo (When Will You Marry?) by Paul Gauguin, $210 million

    Gauguin's 1982 picture of two Tahitian young ladies crushed the record for the world's most costly single masterpiece when Qatar purchased the canvas from a Swiss collector for nearly $300 million in February. It was painted amid Gauguin's first visit to Tahiti, where he said he ventured out to evade "everything that is artificial and conventional" in Europe.

    World's ten most expensive paintings/Nafea Fan Ipoipo (When Will You Marry?),  Paul Gauguin

                            Nafea Fan Ipoipo (When Will You Marry?),  Paul Gauguin

    Number 17A  by Jackson Pollock $200 million

     Ken Griffin spent $500 million USD on two sketches from the collection of David Geffen? All things considered, the second painting – obtained for a similarly amazing $200 USD – was Number 17A by unique expressionist incredible, Jackson Pollock. Painted in 1948, this shocking dribble painting highlights an assortment of strong hues, for example, yellow, red, orange blue, alongside some white and dark sprinkled about. Likewise, with Interchange, guests can likewise observe this one face to face at the Art Institute of Chicago.

    World's ten most expensive paintings/Number 17A,  Jackson Pollock

       Number 17A,  Jackson Pollock

    No. 6 (Violet, Green, and Red) by Mark Rothko, $186 million

    Mark Rothko was a Russian conceived American painter and a pioneer of dynamic expressionism. Rothko's style is portrayed by the utilization of substantial canvases and level groups of splendid hues. Violet Green Red is equivocally named to enable viewers to form their own particular impressions. Here, Rothko utilizes an austere palette with the darkest shades at the best, symbolizing the misery that tormented him. This piece was purchased for USD 186 million by the Russian agent Dmitry Rybolovlev from the Swiss art dealer Yves Bouvier in the year 2014.

    World's ten most expensive paintings/No. 6 (Violet, Green and Red), Mark Rothko

       No. 6 (Violet, Green, and Red), Mark Rothko

    Pair of portraits of Maerten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit by Rembrandt, $180 million

    Rembrandt painted the portraits to praise the wedding of Maerten and Oopjen in 1634. The photos have never been separated. They were purchased in a joint buy by the Louver and the Rijksmuseum in 2015, with every exhibition contributing half.

    World's ten most expensive paintings/Pair of portraits of Maerten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit, Rembrandt

                Pair of portraits of Maerten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit, Rembrandt

    Les Femmes d’Algers (“Version O”) by Pablo Picasso, $179.4 million

    In the year 2015, the Les Femmes d'Alger Version O sold for USD 179.4 million to set a then-world record for the most costly painting at any point sold at a closeout. This artistic creation is the last work of a series of 15 takes a painting of Women of Algiers finished by Picasso, influenced by the nineteenth-century Spanish extraordinary Eugene Delacroix. This work consummately shows Picasso's inclination to deliver work that is of vintage style, yet remaining totally crisp in approach and introduction

    World's ten most expensive paintings?Les Femmes d’Algers (“Version O”), Pablo Picasso

    Les Femmes d’Algers (“Version O”), Pablo Picasso

    A masterpiece by Roy Lichtenstein, $165 million

    A great Liechtenstein painting includes his exemplary Ben-Day specks and a dialog balloon. It is known for the account in the discourse bubble that is portending his distinction: "Why Brad dear, this is a Masterpiece! My, soon you'll have all of New York clamoring for your work" – a joke that reflects upon his career as an artist. It was a piece of Lichenstein's first presentation at Ferus Gallery in LA.

    He regularly utilized the name Brad in his different works and expressed that he thought it sounded chivalrous and antique. Following Agnus Gunds, an offer of the art in January, it was uncovered that a hedge fund billionaire, Steve Cohen, bought the work.

    World's ten most expensive paintings/Masterpiece, Roy Lichtenstein

    Masterpiece, Roy Lichtenstein

    Woman III by Willem de Kooning, $137

    This painting was sold David Geffen in 2006, and also purchased by Steven Cohen, It was the third painting in a series of six sketches by de Kooning, a conceptual expressionist, painted between 1951 and 1953. It was a piece of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art accumulation, which implied it vanished from the view after strict guidelines on pictures of ladies presented after the 1979 revolution.

    World's ten most expensive paintings/Woman III, Willem de Kooning

             Woman III, Willem de Kooning


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