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    HarKrishan Lal 1921-2000

    HarKrishan Lal | Biography | Life | Artworks

    HarKrishan Lal
    HarKrishan Lal 

    Har Krishan Lal, a distinguished painter has been painting people and landscapes for more than four decades. 

    Influenced, not only by the impressionists like Pierre Bonnard and the post Impressionists like Cezanne and Van Gogh, but also by Ajanta Mural and Pahari Miniatures, he has endeavored to create works in a truly painterly manner. 

    His themes, however, have gradually changed from the intense expression of the horrifying experiences of the partition to the romantic landscape structured in a semi-cezannesque style.

    His art is an expression of deeply felt urged infused with a freshness of artistic approach. Painted spontaneously in unusual harmonies of color, his paintings possessed an intent appeal. As he says,

    “I feel a sudden outburst of creative energy at that time my inner self projected on the imaginary plane, carving for expression…. I go through the prosses the improvisation, keeping in the balance rhythm and proportion, and transfer that order and feeling on to the canvas. 

    I do get a the faint idea of the colors, but it is actually the very first color applied on the canvas that gives the direction to proceed further… if you fix the color scheme in advance, the color loses its spontaneity and natural harmony.”

    Color, indeed, is his passion and he transmits sensory effects on canvas with all his creative fervor and imaginative power applied with vigorous brushstrokes.

    There is a certain element of fantasy in his recent landscape to of quite still forms. They seem to contain feeling mystery which he extracts from everyday life and landscape. 

    The love-lorn females, the birds, animals, and flowers, are all symbolic infusion into his fantasized landscapes. 

    He has created most of these works during his roaming in the valleys and mountains of Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, and deserts town of Rajasthan-to contrasting regions. 

    They are characterized by a suggestion of rest and repose, of tranquility, of brooding stillness. 


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