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    K. S. Kulkarni 1918-1994

    K. S. Kulkarni | Biography | Life | Artworks

    K. S. Kulkarni
    K. S. Kulkarni

    K.S. Kulkarni, a multi stylist painter believed that art does not change in any fundamental sense. His works signified the dichotomy in contemporary art situations in India, seeking his cherished ideals for synthesizing traditional and modern values. 

    He endeavored to evolve an original style- a sum total of his different aesthetic influence which he imbibed during his travel abroad.

    Kulkarni combined the abstract and figurative in noble ways. The recurrence of forms and motifs in his works, treated in contemporary language, cubist semi-abstract, superficial confirmed his belief in immutability. 

    More significant, perhaps where the recurring supersessions and conflict: three-dimensional forms versus flat once; the cubist versus the pure linear; the monochromatic versus variety and intensity of color; prettiness verses grotesqueness or realism versus abstraction; and descriptive verses allegorical- all anticipating a surrealist approach.

    In some of his works, one can find the humanitarian and even the sentimental strain. He was a technical virtuoso in the handling of pigments which added to the emotional tensions and quality of its expressions.

    Kulkarni’s outlook is quite revealing as to his approach to formulating his work. He leaned on the best of Indian traditions which as he used to say, condition the human mind and the sensibilities, and provide the opportunity to grow and evolved.  

    Work which incidentally would reflect the collective inherited consciousness and relate it to the present-day visual arts in an international context.


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