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    Sailoz Mukherjee

    Sailoz Mukherjee | Biography | Life | Artworks 

    Sailoz Mukherjea
    Sailoz Mukherjee

    Sailoz Mukherjea’s work seen against the art environment that dominated the Indian scene before Independence and the modern phase of art that arose after it defines his role. For, his art connects the link and unites the old and the new. 

    It reveals the characteristics associated with the Bengal school and nineteenth-century Romanticism. 

    The Romance of life and the lyrical nature as rendered in his paintings like ‘Working Days’, ‘Windy Day’, ‘At The Wall’, ‘Fruit Market’, and ‘Two Sisters’ Seems to result from profound feeling and experience of life. 

    Sailoz, perhaps, through appreciating Matisse, received an impact of Persian and Eastern traditions, possessing highly decorative and brilliantly colored art, which had a deep and lasting influence on him. 

    His development of flat patterns with flowing background showing atmospheric recession and use of bright colors, either juxtaposed or separated only by playful thick white or black lines, lends a unique character to this work. 

    He searched for the expressiveness of style by means of exaggeration and distortion of line and color-a deliberate abandon of the naturalism in favor of simplified style which carried far greater emotional impact. 

    His was a personal style with nervous, yet vigorous brushstrokes that gave his work a liveliness, whether it was the frail females at work or at leisure, pastoral landscapes or ruins. It was all imbued with poetic content and hysteria.  


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