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    Gogi Saroj Pal (b. 1945)

    Gogi Saroj Pal | Biography | Life | Artworks

    Gogi Saroj Pal Biography
    Gogi Saroj Pal Biography

    The infatuation for Gogi Saroj Pal with painting started from her childhood, had in time brought her to the threshold of the painting as a profession. 

    She came to Delhi in 1968 determined to practice as a freelance painter, one of the first women painters in India to do so. 

    Her conviction and concern that she must be relevant as a contemporary woman artist has remained very strong, and she has indeed bravely overcome the vulnerability of the profession. 

    Her paintings revolve around herself and patterns of behavior in society. She creates her own actors who perform in her paintings... sometimes they carry the weight of life and harmonize the joys and sorrows of the world... sometimes she provides them additional visual symbolism and forms, the deposit of her creative experience from rituals, from myths or from religion. 

    Her expressions are based on her own experience. For instance, themes like Mother and Child, Prisoners, Eternal Bird, Human Landscape, Naika, Kamadhenu, Dancing Horse, Kumari, and Paper boats—all visions of dreams—have stimulated her creative mind to provide the visual imagery. 

    In fact, disappointed by Western-derived contemporaryIndian art, she has been introspecting, seeking inspiration for an indigenous art that is rich in conceptual imagery. 
    Her approach can be clearly evidenced in her installations in multimedia, such as Swayamvaram, Sihanvlokan and River and Icons of Womanhood. 

    Gogi Saroj Pal has chosen a trail that is dear to her heart expressing her own creative concerns relevant to her time in an imagery that is rich in color and texture.

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