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    Jatin Das (b.1941)

    Jatin Das | Biography | Life | Artworks 

    Jatin Das & Nandita Das
    Jatin Das & Nandita Das

    I recall a remark by an art critic In 1974 (which still holds true) that Jatin Das's entire creative energies are totally involved in the expression of the 'man-woman relationship'; a relationship that goes back to the creation of Adam and Eve, their temptation and their expulsion from Paradise. 

    In fantasizing this eternal relationship, Jatin's vital forms of the couple—the mysterious creation of God, in meaningful juxtaposition filling the entire pictorial space, are an impassioned plea for humanity. 

    The main change during the last two decades, however, has been a gradual moving away from the somewhat near-abstract forms to a more realistic rendering of the female figure that adds to the sensual solidity of the figure. 

    His paintings are nearer to his aesthetic interest in drawing. His paintings, in fact, maybe described without prejudice as drawings in color, since it is the linear element that predominates, rather than the modeled masses of light and shade. 

    But it is perhaps the sense of rhythm and harmony in the figures of man and woman, as cryptic phenomena of nature, that creates an intoxicating feeling in his highly introspective paintings. 

    He expresses his joy in the splendid beauty of the lithe rhythm of a young female and the massiveness of a male. 

    He has strived to realize this intangible abstract vision and express it in his works. 

    He does this through the eccentric continuation of the masses with lines varying in color and thickness. 

    Man and woman, the emotionally charged nude figures coming together at a touchpoint, are highly impressive pictorial renderings of human feelings. 

    The hands are conspicuously emphasized with suggestive gestures. Jatin has claimed the human figure in all its luscious grandeur that provokes the strongest plastic feelings by mobilizing the sense of our own bodies.


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